Franklin Printing is a third-generation family owned and operated printing company. We were founded in 1950 by Everett H. Jackson, Sr.  Initially the business was run out of the basement of his farm house.  His wife, Lucille Jackson, worked with him through out the years setting type, doing bindery work, and accounting.  Later, after purchasing land and a building, the business was opened on Maple Avenue.  Over time Everett’s sons joined him in the business.  Everett Jr and Eldon Jackson both continue to work at Franklin Printing today.  After three building additions to the Maple Ave location it was clear a new location with additional space would be required.  After searching for land the current Beverley Ave location was secured and construction began.  After construction was finished the presses and other heavy equipment were moved down Maple Ave to the new location.  Franklin printing is still operating from the Beverley Ave location.

Original Maple Avenue Location:

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